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MBA-1 Buttstock with 3-Axis Butt plate

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The Luth-AR Modular Buttstock Assembly, MBA-1 w/ 3-Axis butt plate for AR style rifles is designed to replace the standard buttstock on your AR. The MBA-1 is designed to work with a standard A2 rifle style buffer tube and features a 3-Axis Buttplate with Length-of-Pull adjustment as well as Height and Lateral adjustments, and an adjustable cheek rise in a low-cost, lightweight, strong and high-quality design. The modular design of the MBA Buttstock allows you to configure your buttstock to your specific and personal needs.

The MBA-1 requires a A2 Rifle buffer tube. Please review the information provided in the Requirements tab.

The MBA features multiple attachment points for a sling, including molded pockets that will accept Grovtec QD cups, sold separately. A rail attachment is available. Available in Black, or Flat Dark Earth, or with freedom Flag Cheek Rest (Black only).


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Product Description

  • MBA-1 Rifle Buttstock with 3-Axis Adjustable Butt Plate Assembly
  • Fully Adjustable Buttstock assembly to mount to a rifle (A2 Round Standard Tube) – This is our fixed stock
  • The MBA-1 requires a A2 Rifle buffer tube. Please review the information provided in the Requirements tab.
  • Additional 1″ height on cheek rest
  • 3-axis Adjustable Butt Plate Assembly extends additional 1 1/16″ length of pull and includes the following movement:
    1. Horizontal for linear adjustment (i.e. length of pull)
    2. Vertical for a perfect butt plate fit into the curvature of the shoulder.
    3. Lateral adjustment for a ½ inch left or right cast
  • Approximately half the weight of competitors’ adjustable stocks The “MBA” weighs just 1.26 lbs.
  • Fits .223 and .308 AR style rifles
  • Super Strong Glass Filled Nylon
  • Comes with A1 Buttstock screw to connect to A2 standard buffer tube
  • Incorporates Castle Nut and Lock Ring in the design
  • Easy to replace and quick to install


  • Modular buttstock assembly for the AR
  • Interchangeable with standard A1 or A2 buttstocks or any aftermarket buttstock with overall length of approximately 10.5″
  • Fully Ambidextrous and can be comfortably used shooting off either shoulder (Cheek piece pre-installed for right handed shooters but can be installed on either side for right or left hand shooters)
  • Cheek piece not only moves up and down, it also moves back and forth on the stock
  • NOT interchangeable with carbine/collapsable rifles with telescoping assemblies (6-position tubes). You will need to purchase a MBA-3 or MBA-4 to fit these carbine tubes 

Compatible Buffer Assemblies:

  • .223 Rifle Buffer Assembly (A2 Round Standard Tube)
  • .308 Rifle Buffer Assembly (A2 Round Standard Tube)

Does Not Include, but can purchase on our website separately in Accessories section:

  • Sling Swivels (Side or Rear) Sold Separately, see below. Also see Tech-Tip Videos
  • Buffer tube
  • Buffer Body
  • Spring
  • Buttstock Rail

SKU: MBA-1-3AX (Black)

SKU: MBA-1-3AXF  (Flat Dark Earth)

SKU: MBA-1-3AXFF  (Freedom Flag)

Buffer Tube Requirements

MBA-1 Buttstock

The MBA-1 Buttstock is a Rifle Buttstock and requires the use of an A2 style buffer tube. This is a “fixed” buttstock. The A2 Rifle buffer tube can be distinguished from carbine buffer tubes by it’s shape, the A2 Rifle buffer tube is completely round in shape while the carbine buffer tubes have a rectangular appendage to the tube that encloses six adjustment position holes. An A2 Rifle buffer tube has no length-of-pull adjustability and is substantially longer than a carbine buffer tube.

Available Colors

Freedom Flag, Black, Flat Dark Earth

Buttstock Type


Cheek Rise

1" Fully Extended

Additional Length-of-Pull

1 1/16″




, ,


.308/7.62, .223 / 5.56