Modular Chassis Assembly

Designed for Semi-Auto .22LR Rimfire Actions and Barrels

Designed for Ruger® 10/22® and similar actions and barrels.

The MCA™-22 allows users the best possible fit for recreational, hunting, and competition shooting. Easily install your Ruger® 10/22® or similar receiver, trigger group and barrel into the MCA™-22. Accepts standard or bull barrels.
  • Easy to install, light weight chassis, 2.09 lbs and cost effective.
  • Constructed with high-strength glass filled nylon, 6061 aluminum and steel.
  • Designed for comfort and ergonomic control for wide range of body types.
  • 100% ambidextrous.
  • Ambidextrous goose-neck style pistol grip with palm swell.
  • Click-adjustable cheek piece.
  • Aggressive grip panel and front grip strap texturing.
  • * Note: Chassis only, user must provide action and barrel.

Butt Stock Features

  • Ambidextrous goose-neck style pistol grip with palm swell.
  • Click-adjustable cheek piece / front and back .750” / up and down 2” (+1”/-1” from bore center).
  • Aggressive grip panel and front grip strap texturing.
  • Length of pull adjustable from 11.25” to 15.75” in .75” increments.
  • 1″ Vertical butt pad adjustment.
  • Two locations to accept Grovtec Threaded QD Cup inserts.

Foregrip Features

  • 5-slot M-LOK® compatible foregrip bottom with 1 M-LOK® slot on both sides of foregrip.
  • Front bottom foregrip pre-drilled dome sling stud locator hole (Must Tap 10-32).
  • Removable taper barrel foregrip insert to accommodate bull barrels.

Accepts Standard or Bull Barrels

  • Use the chassis with the insert installed for Standard barrels.
  • Removing the insert allows a variety of target and bull barrels to be used.
  • Accommodates use of barrels up to .920″ diameter with insert removed.
Shown with insert installed for use with standard barrels.
Remove the insert for use with target or bull barrels.
Accommodates barrels up to .920″ diameter with insert removed.

Simply Install your Ruger® 10/22® or Similar Action

Shown with Ruger® 10/22® action and standard barrel.
Shown with PRP® Rubicon action and Briley Raptor barrel

Order your MCA™-22

Order your MCA™-22 today and get out to the range and start shooting. Great for casual plinking, Tactical 22 matches, Steel Challenge, Practical Rimfire Challenge matches, or getting started in NRL22 competitions.


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  • Weight: 2.09 lbs
  • Overall Length: 26.5″
    • Collapsed: 27″
    • Full Extension: 30.75″
  • Width: 1.790″
  • Additional LOP
    • Collapsed: 11.25″
    • Extended: 15.75″
    • Increments: .75″
  • Cheek Rise
    • Increments: .090″ 
    • Adjustable: 2” (+1”/-1” from bore center)

No, the MCA™-22 Chassis is only the chassis you must supply your own 10/22® style action and barrel.

Yes the MCA™-22 Chassis is designed specifically to use Ruger® 10/22® style actions and barrels. There are a number of manufacturers that offer 10/22® compatible actions, trigger groups and barrels.

Yes, the MCA™-22 Chassis allows the use of bull barrels up to .920″ in diameter when used without the included insert. The insert is used with a standard profile barrel.

While we cannot predict that the MCA™-22 Chassis will fit all users, the adjustability has been designed with both adult and youth users in mind.

Absolutely, there are a number of competitions that the MCA™-22 Chassis is suitable.

  • Steel Challenge
  • Rimfire Challenge
  • NRL22 Competitions
  • Practical Rimfire Challenge
  • Countless local rimfire matches held at local ranges