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Luth-AR products are proudly manufactured and assembled in America.

Luth-AR does not use or sell MIM parts for the AR platform.

The following Luth-AR parts are investment cast utilizing mil-spec drawings for materials and heat treatment:Trigger, hammer, bolt catch, apertures, selectors, rear base sight, as well as other components such as disconnectors, carriers, bolts, extensions, aluminum trigger guards, upper receivers (7075 T-6). Our springs are a combination of 17-4 SST and various mil-spec steel wire are used in all of our springs with certification. The same applies for our gas rings and gas tubes.

You can submit your information to apply to become a dealer here.

Unfortunately we have to apply a minimum purchase fee based upon the the internal and external costs to complete the transaction. We would love to eliminate our $15 minimum, however here are some reasons why it is difficult to accommodate.

  1. Initially we have to either make or initiate a purchase order for the item.
  2. We then receive the item from our vendor and have to physically count and inspect the item.
  3. The item is then placed in the proper warehouse bin.
  4. Upon receipt of a online order our team generates a sales order and picks the items for the order for shipment.
  5. The item is then packaged by padded bags, or box and determines by size and weight, how it will be shipped.  (USPS, UPS, FEDX or a trucking company).
  6. As an example, if you order one spring that we sell for $2.00 that cost us $1.00 to manufacture, we would lose money due to the additional handling costs involved.

Sadly, while almost all costs have gone up over the last many months we have resisted raising our prices to our customers.

We could charge $15.00 for for a $5.00 item but then we would be accused of price gouging. We would rather you find an additional item that is of value to you in order to meet the purchase minimum, than overcharge you.

The MBA-1 and MBA-2 Buttstocks are available in Black, Flat Dark Earth. The MBA-3 and MBA-4 are available in Black and Flat Dark Earth. Due to variations in different manufacturers color interpretations we do not claim that the color of our stocks will match other manufacturers. We maintain color consistency within our product line.

All of the MBA Buttstocks come with molded pockets that will accept self-threading QD Cups, we sell Grovtec QD Cups and Sling Swivels separately. There are several reasons why they are not included.

  1. Cost, if we included the QD cups and/or QD swivels we would have to raise the price of the butt stocks $15 – $25.
  2. Most of our customers do not require QD sling attachments.
  3. We don’t know which side the customer prefers to attach their sling swivel.
  4. The customer might want the QD cups installed on both sides.
  5. Some customers prefer a QD brand other than the Grovtec brand that we sell.

In order to keep the base cost of the MBA Buttstocks down, we offer the Sling attachment hardware separately in keeping with the Modular design of our buttstocks. You can configure our MBA Buttstocks to fit your needs.

Please be advised that Blackhawk – Vista Outdoor, LLC, issued a cease and desist letter to Luth-AR earlier this year. They claimed that our clamp mechanism on the MBA-5 violated their patent. It seemed rather petty but after further review with attorneys and consultation, we decided that it wasn’t worth the battle and disabled the clamp design. Later this year we hope to have the issue resolved with a new design that will allow adjustment to minimize any looseness when used with a Mil-Spec diameter buffer tube. (Use of a commercial buffer tube will provide a tighter fit). Even without an anti-rattle device the MBA-5 Buttstock offers features such as the wide-flared cheek rest, the paddle style adjustment lever, integrated Picatinny rail, QD ready cups, and integrated bag hook, not available on other butt stocks that are significantly more expensive. In the meantime we apologize for any confusion and will honor a full refund if the anti-rattle is a feature you must have.

UPDATE: The current MBA-5 has been redesigned to utilize the same Anti-Rattle Set Screw design that we use on the MBA-3 and MBA-4. The above information is no longer relevant.

Buffer Tube Requirements

MBA-1 and MBA-2 Buttstocks

The MBA-1 and MBA-2 Buttstocks are Rifle Buttstocks and require the use of an A2 style buffer tube. These are “fixed” buttstock. The A2 Rifle buffer tube can be distinguished from carbine buffer tubes by it’s shape, the A2 Rifle buffer tube is completely round in shape while the carbine buffer tubes have a rectangular appendage to the tube that encloses six adjustment position holes. An A2 Rifle buffer tube has no length-of-pull adjustability and is substantially longer than a carbine buffer tube.

MBA-3, MBA-4  and MBA-5 Buttstocks

The MBA-3, MBA-4 and MBA-5 are Carbine Buttstocks and require the use of a Carbine buffer tube. The MBA-3, MBA-4 and MBA-5 will fit either a Mil-Spec or a Commercial buffer tube. (Note: Some commercial buffer tubes may be oversized from industry norms and may not fit. All commercial buffer tubes sold by Luth-AR will fit the MBA-3, MBA-4 and MBA-5).

Carbine buffer tubes typically have 6 positions of adjustability, and can be distinguished from an A2 style Rifle buffer tube that offers no adjustment positions. Carbine buffer tubes also differ from the A2 by their shape, the A2 Rifle buffer tube is completely round in shape while the carbine buffer tubes have a rectangular appendage to the tube that encloses six position holes. An A2 Rifle buffer tube is substantially longer than a carbine buffer tube.

Mil-Spec vs Commercial Carbine Buffer Tubes

Carbine buffer tubes typically are offered in two types, Mil-Spec or Commercial. The Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube is visually identified by the 90 degree “cut” at the closed end of the tube. The Commercial carbine buffer tube is visually identified by the 6 degree slant “cut” at the closed end of the tube. A Mil-Spec tube should meet Military Specifications while Commercial tube dimensions are determined by the manufacturer and are typically made from an extrusion. As long as a Commercial buffer tube does not exceed 1.172″ in diameter the MBA-3, MBA-4 and MBA-5 should fit the buffer tube. Using a Commercial buffer tube with an MBA-3, MBA-4 and MBA-5 will typically provide a more “snug” fit due to the slightly larger diameter of Commercial buffer tubes.

If you need to purchase a Carbine Buffer tube we offer buffer tubes individually as well as complete kits. We also offer a Scalloped Commercial Buffer tube for that added custom touch for your AR build.

Our stocks are designed to work with Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes. While we cannot guarantee that all manufactures buffer tubes meet those specifications, the MBA stocks should work with the buffer tube that came with your gun. If you have an issue with the MBA stocks fitting your existing buffer tubes we offer buffer tubes and complete kits that meet the proper Mil-spec and Commercial specifications available.

Recently we had a customer who wished for resolution on a broken MBA-3 Buttstock, after reviewing the photos that were sent to us, the photos confirmed that the stock was damaged/broken severely. It is clear that the damage indicated was not caused by anything other than negligence . Not even the postal service or UPS could have caused this damage. What caused the damage was a shooter who was either shooting junk ammo, a dirty chamber, a hot load, or a cheap extractor that causes the brass casing to stick in the chamber which in turn may cause the shooter to butt slam or mortar the butt stock/rifle onto the ground while engaging the charge handle latch, in most cases this may dislodge the stuck casing out of the chamber.
Negligence of this kind does not justify any warranty reconciliation, in any product or industry. Our butt stocks are designed to be adjustable, lightweight (using state of the art polymers that are designed for high impact) and affordable. Our logical thinking customers agree by the tens of thousands and we thank our supporting customers. Thank you to all of our current ,and future, supporting customers.
Randy Luth

If you must use the butt-slam you AR first remove the MBA Buttstock from the buffer tube, then use the tube itself. The buffer tube is made of aluminum and may still become damaged, but it costs much less to replace than a MBA Buttstock.

Absolutely, that’s what the Modular Buttstock Assembly is all about, Modularity. The MBA family of butt stocks is designed to “Have it your way”.

It has been brought to our attention through videos and blogs that there is a “design problem” or “quality issue” with our MBA Stocks as it pertains to the charge handle interfering with the MBA as you retract the charge handle… I can assure you that the MBA is manufactured based upon current military M16 drawings for the lower receiver and A2 butt stock and in fact meets those specs.

Unfortunately, there are several aftermarket AR lower and rifle makers that are machining the threaded hole for the buffer tube in the wrong position or too high, thus causing the charge handle to contact the leading edge of the MBA. There can be other factors that cause this problem such as after market charge handles that also are machined out of print and a true position issue on upper receiver dimensions.

To accommodate concerns, we have modified the tool to incorporate a flat on top of the MBA however this may not correct all of the aftermarket manufacturers.

Some customers have filed a chamfer on the leading edge of the stock or charge handle to allow for clearance.

Hopefully this answers any concerns about this issue.

We have made a slight upgrade to the MBA-3 and MBA-4 stocks. We eliminated the “button head screw”, which is shown on website and on the instructions in photo #5 and replaced it with a headless index set screw.

*Both versions of the set screw work correctly so we will not replace either on past or current stocks.

*The current images on the website show the new set screw and the instructions included with the MBA-3 and MBA-4 have also been updated to show the new set screw.

Luth-AR Note on Savage Rifles:Our MBA-3 was designed to fit standard Mil-Spec and Commercial Tubes. Savage tubes have been found to be oversized. You will need to purchase a standard carbine tube in order for this to pair correctly, otherwise you will find a very tight fit.

Luth-AR, LLC cannot and will not give legal advise or interpretations of any Federal, State or Local laws as they pertain to firearms, parts, accessories. The customer is solely responsible to research, understand and abide by any law or regulation that may apply to them or the use of any product.

We cannot advise you about any State or Federal Restrictions, it is your duty to assure what accessories or modifications are legal in your jurisdiction. We suggest that you research the laws prior to ordering.

While we cannot advise you about any State or Federal Restrictions, you can order an MBA-2 which has no Length of Pull adjustment. If you want the Cheek piece adjustment you can order a separate Adjustable Cheek Kit and add it to the MBA-2.

Alternately you can order an MBA-1 and order a fixed butt plate, A2 Screwbutt plate screws, and replace the adjustable butt plate.

The A1 upper receiver part# UR-01-E3, does not have M4 feed ramps as it is made to print from the 50’s on the A1 Style Upper. We do hope to have A1 Uppers with M4 feed ramps in the very near future so if that is what you are interested in please check back.

–Added 10/19/18

For best results we recommend following a break-in procedure. We recommend that you clean the chamber and bore after every round for the first 25 rounds. It should take approximately 200 rounds for optimum barrel accuracy. Please keep in mind that accuracy is dependent upon many factors such as bullet weight, powder load, etc. If you have any question regarding our procedure, please ask or give us a call. Per ammunition guidelines it is not recommended to shoot 5.56mm in a .223 REM  barrel, which we support for best and safest use of our product.

We create special offers for the Military during the 3 Days surrounding Veterans Day, November 10-12, as well as a LEO special offer during the 3 days surrounding National Law Enforcement Day January 8-10.

Luth-AR does not have an export license; however, if you are an International customer or specifically a UK customer you can find our products here:International Exporter: Rainier Arms – Tom – (253) 214-0646 – tom@rainierarms.comIntersec USA – Peter – info@intersecusa.comEuropean Dealer: DTS Aromory – Roy – +31475202153 – roy@dts-armory.com – website: www.dts-armory.comSouthern Gun Company – Bob Clark – 01208 851074 or 01208 850823 

Purchase only Genuine Luth-AR Parts and Accessories. Caution should always be used when purchasing from unknown sources on Amazon or Ebay and others.


There are Luth-AR MBA Buttstock knock-offs being offered on some of these platforms. Warning signs to look for is that they may be labeled as “Luth Style”. These are of unknown quality, unauthorized and counterfeit products. They will not come in the correct packaging and will not have quality printed instruction manuals. They will most likely be offered at prices well below our advertised price. Some have actually stolen our published product images to further deceive the purchaser.

Here are some tips on what to look for:

  1. Red QD sling swivel cup
  2. No internal support ribs (4) on the inside of the buffer tube hole
  3. Back side of side struts lack reinforcement structure and are smooth
  4. Buffer tube hole undersized and is very tight on a Mil-Spec buffer tube
  5. No Luth-AR logos indicated on the buttstock
  6. Inferior polymers whereby stock will break easily
  7. Cap-head screws and Allen wrench are metric vs SAE
  8. Genuine Luth-AR buttstocks are packaged in a quality, printed box and include quality printed instruction sheets and brochures

It has also been brought to our attention that sellers on both Amazon and eBay sites are bundling and selling our butt stocks with aftermarket and foreign parts (such as the buffer tube, buffers, spring, etc.), that are not Genuine Luth-AR parts and are not made to original M-16/AR-15 specifications. Our butt stocks and parts are designed around those specifications. Some of these bundles may even use Air-Soft parts not suitable for use on a real firearm.

Please be cautious when purchasing, that you are purchasing Genuine Luth-AR Parts and Accessories. If you have any questions about yours or one you might be considering, please email or call us.