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MBA Cheek Rest Assembly

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MBA Cheek Rest Assembly

Want to add an adjustable Cheek Rest to your MBA-2 or MBA-4? The Cheek Rest Assembly kit contains everything you need to install the Cheek Rest. Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, or Freedom Flag (Special Edition).

The Cheek Rest Assembly is designed to add cheek rest adjustability to the MBA-2 or MBA-4 buttstocks. The assembly can also be used as a replacement cheek rest for the MBA-1 or MBA-3 in case of damage, or loss of the original cheek rest assembly.

Note: The Cheek Rest Assembly is not designed for use with the MBA-5 buttstock. The MBA-5 is designed with a non-adjustable, flared cheek rest and is not intended to provide vertical adjustment. Order an MBA-3 or add a Cheek Rest Assembly to your MBA-4 for full cheek rest adjustability on a Carbine buttstock.


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MBA Cheek Rest Assembly

Complete Cheek Plate Assembly to add on to your MBA-2 or MBA-4 stock for extra rise to the top of your stock includes:

1 Cheek Plate – RL-005

1 Lockplate – RL-010

1 Steel Thumb Screw – TS-01

1 Thumb Screw Hex Nut 1/4-20 Black – HN-01

1 Thumb Screw Star Lock Washer – TSW-01

1 MBA-1/2 Side Plate – RL-0011

1 MBA-3/4 Side Plate – RL-020

2 Side Plate Button Head Cap Screws 8-32×3/4 – SCW-02

2 Side plate/Stop Nut Nyloc Nut 8-32 Black – HN-02

SKU: CHP-1B – Black

SKU: CHP-1F – Flat Dark Earth


Available Colors

Black, Flat Dark Earth

Buttstock Type

MBA-1, MBA-2, MBA-3, MBA-4

1 review for MBA Cheek Rest Assembly

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    5 out of 5

    Dark Earth Great idea so I can mix and match assemblies to my stock!

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