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MBA-3 Style Buttplate Assembly – 3 Axis – Medium Pad 85 Duro

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MBA-3 Style Buttplate Assembly – 3 Axis – Medium Pad 85 Duro

Need 3-Axis adjustment for your MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4 buttstock? This complete kit contains everything you need to add the 3-Axis adjustment, length-of-pull, vertical and horizontal adjustment of the MBA-3 to an MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4.

The 3-Axis kit replaces the Length-of-Pull buttplate on the MBA-1 or adds the 3-Axis adjustability to the MBA-2 or MBA-4.



The MBA-3 is configured with the 3-Axis Buttplate Assembly as well as Adjustable Cheek Riser. This kit allows you to add the 3-Axis buttplate adjustability to an MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4. All parts included (will have extra parts to accommodate both MBA-1/MBA-2 and MBA-4 buttstock bodies).



1 3-Axis Recoil Pad,

1 Combed Buttplate Frame with insert (tongue)

2 Side Plates (shorter works on MBA-1 and 2; longer works on MBA-3 and 4)

1 Adapter Plate


2 Buttpad Screws

3 Side Plate Screws (two longer ones work with MBA-1 and 2; shorter replaces the longer one on top plate for the MBA-3 and 4)

2 Side Plate Nuts

2 Screws for Adapter

1 Thumb Screw

1 Star Washer

1 Thumbscrew Nut


4.5 oz. in total


SKU: BPA-3AXB – Black

SKU: BPA-3AXF – Flat Dark Earth



Weight Ounce


Weight lbs



MBA-1, MBA-2, MBA-4

Additional Length-of-Pull

1 1/16″

Buttstock Type

MBA-1, MBA-2, MBA-3, MBA-4


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Kit can be used to add 3-Axis adjustability to MBA-1, MBA-2 or MBA-4 buttstocks.