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Tech Tips

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Installing the MBA-1 Buttstock

Locating the Buttstock Screw

Adding the 3-Axis Butt Plate Kit to MBA-1

How to Swap the Ambi-Cheek Piece

Installing the Buttstock Spacers

Adding a Limb Saver

MBA-3 Features

Adjusting the 3-Axis Butt Plate

Setting the Anti-rattle set screw

Charging Handle Clearance

Adding Adjustable Buttstock Kit to MBA-2 and MBA-4

Adding Adjustable Cheek Piece to MBA-2 and MBA-4

Installing Grove Tec Sling Swivel with Install Tool

Installing Grove Tec Sling Swivel with 1/4″ Allen

Installing Rear A2 Sling Swivel

Install QD Sling Swivel Kit Close Up

Install QD Sling Swivel with Allen Wrench Close Up

A2 vs Carbine Buffer Tubes, Buffers and Springs


3rd Party Videos worth Watching

Building an AR with a Luth-AR Complete Upper -- Video by
How to install the Lower Enhanc-AR™ Kit -- Video by