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Love it!

The MBA is Extremely light, completely adjustable, more adjustment range than a PRS and a lot less cost. Simply the best stock for an AR I have ever used! Plus you got to admit, Its the coolest looking as well. LOVE IT! Two thumbs up! Awesome job LUTH-AR.
Brian Takaba


I went home and really looked at the stock. Wow! An amazing amount of adjustability with the lines of mount points all down the stock. And mounting the needed tool on the stock, so sweet! I moved the vertical support for the cheek piece back and the charging handle now clears it. Really looking forward to getting this gun worked up and using it to shoot the 2016 Precision Rifle season.
James Flowers

Love the weight…

Love the weight and adjustability of the buttstock. The only thing it is lacking from the PRS is the setup for the rear pod, something that was rarely used anyhow. Would definitely use this over the PRS, especially at this price! Will be outfitting many other rifles with an MBA in the future.
Diana Liedorff

Recommend to everyone!

Bought this for a long range build, price point was perfect, extremely adjustable and has performed well in the plains of North Dakota on a coyote hunt. The weight reduction was also a definite selling point.
I have recommended this to all of my fellow shooters and service members. Better than other stocks costing almost twice the money!


Fantastic unit. Light Weight with extreme versatility. Whether fully equipped, or limited to just the frame, it gets the job done. Plinking, Competitive, Tactical, Defensive. You name it, and this Stock can handle it.