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MBA Cheek Rest

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Replacement Cheek Rest. 

Want to change the color of your cheek rest, how about a Freedom Flag Special Edition?

The Cheek Rest is a replacement cheek rest for the MBA-1 or MBA-3 in case of damage, or loss of the original cheek rest. If you want to add a Cheek Rest to your MBA-2 or MBA-4 buttstock order a Cheek Rest Assembly.

Note: The Cheek Rest or Cheek Rest Assembly is not designed for use with the MBA-5 buttstock. The MBA-5 is designed with a non-adjustable, flared cheek rest and is not intended to provide vertical adjustment. Order an MBA-3 or add a Cheek Rest Assembly to your MBA-4 for full cheek rest adjustability on a Carbine buttstock.


From: $24.99

Replacement Cheek Rest for MBA Buttstock.

If you want to add a cheek rest to an MBA-2 or MBA-4 you’ll want to purchase the Cheek Rest Assembly.

SKU: RL-005B – Black

SKU: RL-005F – Flat Dark Earth

SKU: RL-005FF – Freedom Flag Special Edition

Weight Ounce

6 oz

Available Colors

Black, Flat Dark Earth

Buttstock Type

MBA-1, MBA-3

UPC Code

RL-005B 812058031093, RL-005F 812058031109


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