One for the Hunting Record Books and for the AR Platform – Randy Luth

One for the Hunting Record Books and for the AR Platform – Randy Luth Ammoland, Inc.
Posted April 1st, 2020 By J.J. Sutton

U.S.A.-( Randy Luth; whom many know as one of the Founding Fathers of the modern world’s most popular and versatile Rifle Platforms. Of course, we are talking about the AR Platform, the AR Platform is now deeply steeped in American, and even worldwide culture. No longer just a rifle, it is easily one of the most versatile rifle and pistol platforms ever made. Randy Luth has been on the cutting edge of developing and bringing modern ARs to the forefront for a long time.

Without being sidetracked with a long detour of incredible history let me first set the stage for you. Randy Luth is one of the founders of today’s distinctly recognizable names in the gun-making industry. He created from scratch DPMS & Panther Arms in 1986 and then sold off that interest in Dec 2007. Later creating and operating another mover and shaker company that is still turning heads as a supplier and manufacturer of AR parts, exclusive Buttstocks, handguards, and grips; LUTH-AR, LLC. Randy is a wealth of knowledge and full of incredible stories about developing modern ARs, hunting, conservation, and supporting the 2nd Amendment. Read the full article here >>>

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