Check Out The New Armalite 3-Gun Series

You may have heard the buzz by now and it is all true! Armalite is launching more than 17 SKUs in 2015 and they are coming fast to a dealer near you. Coming soon to a dealer near you is the Armalite 3-Gun Series. These rifles are jam packed with features for 3-gunners–introductory to professional–out of the box at a price point you can’t refuse.

Purpose built for 3-gun and practical rifle competition, these rifles are ready to dominate any stage straight out of the box! Available in both 5.56×45 mm and 7.62×51 mm, the Armalite 3-Gun Series rifles feature stainless steel barrels in both 13.5 and 18 inches. (The 13.5-in. models have a pinned/welded muzzle brake to make the external barrel length 16 in.) The new Armalite tunable muzzle brake and adjustable gas block allow each rifle to be individually tuned for optimal performance. A free-floating handguard, Raptor ambidextrous charging handle, Luth-AR MBA-1 adjustable buttstock and factory installed 3-lb. Timney trigger make these rifles sleek, fast and ready for action. MSRP: $1,599 (M-15); $2,099 (AR-10).

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