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308 Lower Parts Kit – Builder

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Lower Receiver Parts Builder Kit – .308


LLR-01 Buffer Retainer 1-ea.

LLR-02 Buffer Retainer Spring 1-ea.

LLR-08 Selector/Safety 1-ea.

LLR-09 Bolt Catch Spring 1-ea.

LLR-10 Bolt Catch Buffer (Plunger) 1-ea.

308-LR-11 Bolt Catch 1-ea.

308-LR-12 Bolt Catch Screw  1-ea.

LLR-13 Magazine catch 1-ea.

LLR-14 Detent Spring 2-ea.

LLR-15 Takedown Detent 2-ea.

LLR-16 Mag Catch/Buttstock Plunger Spring 1-ea.

LLR-17 Magazine Catch Button, Aluminum 1-ea.

308-LR-18 Front Pivot Pin 1-ea.

LLR-26 Selector/Ejector Spring 1-ea.

LLR-27 Detent (Selector) 1-ea.

LLR-28 Hammer/Trigger pin 2-ea.

308-LR-30 Pin, Rear Takedown 1-ea.




Shipping Weight .25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 8 × 6 × .25 in